About Us

So....You got nosey hey? Well who can blame you?

The name is Vader, and I love films!! Everything about them I adore, I mean the way you can totally immerse yourself into a story, the visuals, just everything!!!

The aim for this site is to give you something a little bit different, hence our tagline,

"We watch the shit, so you don't have to".

Almost every site you'll come across is all about giving  you insider knowledge, and scoops. We're are not about that, we want to give you an honest fans view on things. If you notice we mostly review (when we do!) older films with the occasional brand new release thrown in for good measures.

We also take great delight in writing articles about certain subjects and this is where we get our "props" from. People seem to love our take on things, whether it's films based on comic books or our top 10 horror list, it's something a bit different than, "oooh I got this free poster from such and such a film so that means I'll tell you it's amazing for the rest of time".

We're not in the "know" we don't claim to have friends in the business, hell I'm based in the UK, I'm still shocked we actually get people in Hollywood reading this thing!!

The main aim though that we have at Vader Towers is to finally get our own servers and web address and have a pretty good go at making something of this site. I know it's going to take a lot of hard work, for starters I don't have any money for this thing yet, just lots of time and enthusiasm, that's it!

I am aiming to keep it ad free whilst we're on blogspot as, hell there's no need for it. Obviously once we have some running costs we may have to have a few on but I doubt it would cover anything really do you? Right now we've had a bit of a great run having over 2000 views since January which is pretty good depending there's no advertising of sorts just word of mouth. We've had views from all over the world, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Thailand all sorts really which I personally think is amazing! Our aim though is to be getting those sorts of hits per day.

We're also looking for people to get involved a lot more, we want people sending us reviews and articles as it's all about building a community.

Anyways hope you enjoy what we post and the writing style we employ and carry on reading and spreading the good word!!!