Sunday, 4 March 2012

Just Tap It In, Just Tap It In, Give It A Little Tappy, Tap Tap Taparoo

If you couldn't tell from the title, I'm one of a rare breed. I actually have a problem that I need to address and there's no better place to do such a thing than over the internet in front of faceless people who I don't know and can't judge me.

My name is Vader, and I am a.....


I know, I know, I'm sorry.

I honestly can't help it though, for some unknown reason the guy has a direct line to my funny bone. I should really be ashamed, but I'm not!

Now that we've got this shocking news out there, it's only fair if I drag you (not physically as well, you're reading this on the internet and I can't touch you nor see you....or can I?? Muhahah see what I did there? I just broke the 4th wall!! Ok maybe I didn't seen as this isn't a film or TV show but still, I'm secretly watching you, by the way....nice hair!) through a selection of his films and just try to show you why I'm a fan.

You ready then?? No?? Tough shit we're going in....


Well then, he might not be the main star in this fun little film but he's there on the poster so that right away makes him very important! playing a braindead drummer in a rock band, who take a radio station hostage with water pistols just so they can get their demo heard. It might sound stupid, well it is but it's actually a lot of fun, plus you get to see the face that goes with Fat Tony's voice from The Simpsons! Also the fact it stars Brendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi gives you an idea that it might not be that Oh ok... Have a look.

Next up is a funny film that I guess could be the reason a lot of people don't actually like the guy...


Right then what's better than an adult playing a man child?? Nope didn't think you could find anything better, see trust me Vaderino's! I won't lie his voice can get on your nerves in this but it doesn't stop it being funny. Following Billy as he goes back through the school system so he can finally graduate and then take over his Dad's hotel business before his Father's evil second in command can. Have a look....

One thing that does come apparent during the film is Billy might have a slight drinking/substance abuse problem as he...well he see's penguins...random I know but can't honestly think of anything better to see can you? a 6 foot penguin that you think is after your girlfriend.....damn

Did I mention that this also stars Bridgette Wilson, who later became Mrs. Pete Sampras?

Damn he served a right ACE with this one...haha did you see what I did there?? Yeah, I'm so sorry too....

Ahem anyways let's move on shall we...Ahh yes my favourite Sandler movie...


Now, I'm not even going to pretend that I either, like golf nor understand it. I find it tedious and boring as hell but when you end up with a complete nutcase with anger problems playing the sport, how can you not love it?

We follow Sandler as he plays Happy Gilmore, a waste of space in life who find out he has quite the knack for smashing a golf ball 400+ yards (apparently this is unheard of?? I dunno either!) he ends up getting onto the pro tour with the hope he can make enough money just to buy back his Grandma's house.

I can honestly say, I can recite this film, line for line. Did I mention...

My name is Vader and I am a geek.

Might as well get it all out of the system hadn't we? Ok have a look....

Even sat here re-watching the trailer I can't help but laugh. I must watch this at least once a month, it's the perfect film to pop on when there's nothing on or you're feeling a bit shit about everything, never fails to put me in a good mood! Oh oh oh story time....I actually bought this for £3 on VHS from Music Zone (R.I.P).....You are all welcome for me sharing that!

Let's move on....


I will come right out and say it, I love American Football. Yes, I do understand it, I get the rules and what not and yes I did stay up and watch the Super Bowl as well as usually staying up to watch a game every other week when the season is on. I just love it and I equally love movie's based on the sport and this one is right up there for me.

Alright so maybe it isn't on the same level as things such as Remember The Titans and Friday Night Lights but it makes me laugh so there!!

Playing a socially awkward "water boy" under the rule of a pushy mother who won't let him do anything in his life and everything that's any good is "The Devil", Sandler shows that we can all find something we're good at....

Aww fuck why should I make this sound better, he's a bit "special" and finds out he can tackle the fuck out of people! It's funny and it's fun seeing people get smashed all over the place!!

Now I know that at least some of you will be fans of the man, fuck, his films make enough money, so there's definitely more than just me who's a fan!

You fans obviously by now, or at least I hope you would have noticed that I've left out a fair few of his "bigger works", and I'll explain why. I will just say that I'm only really talking about Sandler's full, balls out comedy films as his dramatic roles are few and far between and I would suggest you should check them out as, if you're not a fan,  you would be by the end.

I'm not going to beat around the bush here as it's taken you long enough to get to this point, so I'm going to give you a quick explanation as to why these haven't been included....

The Wedding Singer : 80's Shit.
Big Daddy : Parent Shit.
Little Nicky : Really Shit.
Mr.Deeds : Boring Shit.
Anger Management : Angry Shit.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry : Homophobic Shit. **
You Don't Mess With The Zohan : Racist Shit.
Bedtime Stories : Disney Shit.
Funny People : Unfunny Shit.
Jack And Jill : Won't Even Watch This Shit.

(** Not really but couldn't find anything funny to explain how shit I think it is!)

Alright, maybe I am being a little bit too harsh here as a few of these do have a couple of redeeming features....but you're not going to be finding them here!!

So, maybe on reflection, I haven't painted the guy in too good a light. Come to think about it, for about 90% of his whole body of work he's played exactly the same character, ANGRY SHOUTY ADAM!!!!! It's only really his later work that he'd toned it down a bit (50 First Dates, Click, Grown Up's, Just Go With It....and yes I do enjoy those!)

Maybe this is why he's equally loved and hated?? Maybe 50% of people love his man child act and 50% want to kill him? I dunno either way I like the guy!

I will leave you with one thing though....

Vader Out!

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