Tuesday, 19 July 2011

UPDATE - Does Whatever A Spider-Pig Does, He Does It In HD!!!!!!


Well, well, well, looky at what we have here, can somebody say....


As The Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP!) would have said....


Quality is a bit poor but hell, it gives you a slight idea of how much this may rock! As well should know by now, I'm a HUGE Spidey fan and I'm seriously looking forward to this as Andrew Garfield is a cracking little actor.

It's always worth having a scout around though for certain trailers (The Avengers I'm looking at you and may I add to you wow!), if there's call for them I'll chuck them up.

If it does annoys anyone (That's you the big scary lawyer men!) and it needs to be taken down , give me a shout on here.


Credit to movie-list.com, even though it's straight from youtube but I'm just such a nice dude!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That, Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad.....S%*T WRONG FILM!!!!

Today is a special day, you all saw (Well I bloody well hope you all saw!) The Dark Knight Rises poster I posted last week.

Well today is even more special.....


Enjoy.....It's only like 12 months till it's out!

He Soooooo Doesn't Have A Limit.....Or Does He??!?!

Ok so, yes I know it's been a fair while but I promise you whilst my computer joined the ol' scrapyard in the sky I haven't been doing nothing.

Well almost nothing, I've errr.....

Ok, Ok you got me, I've done absolutely nothing, the weather has been absolutely fantastic here so been enjoying that but I've also spent some time catching up on a pile of disc's I needed to watch and this is the proverbial fruits of my labour!!!

Now I'm going to admit something to you here, I love Bradley Cooper.

Ok so it's not in that man crush sort of way but there's something about him I just can't help liking, I mean I feel the same about Ryan Reynolds, but when I first saw the trailer for this I just thought....

Well I just thought....

But then I finally sat down with and that meh mutated into something, something majestic and awesome, it turned into a....

This film is just amazing. Now we all know I'm not one to make a comment on the filming style nor anything technical like that, I pride myself on giving you the sort of review you want, no bullshit just the facts, is it shit or not, but I need to make a few comments on the whole style of this thing, but first let me tell you what it's all about.

So we follow Eddie, a struggling author from NYC, going nowhere, doing nothing and now single. A chance run in with his ex wife's brother leads Eddie to taking a drug which opens up the dormant 80% part of the brain. This leads to him finishing his book almost instantly, learning a new language or 2 whilst out on a jog and banging his landlords wife who truly hates his guts. The only problem?
Well apart from taking drugs (Remember kids, drugs are bad mmm'kay) Eddie is drawn into a lifestyle which becomes impossible to maintain without the drug, and the drug isn't legal which makes it even harder for him to get his hands on it. Throw in a Eastern European loan shark, a cold blooded killer and De Niro. The question is, what's going to kill Eddie first, circumstances or the drug?

Oooh, now that was just like reading a synopsis from Empire or Total Film hey?  
You sure?
Yeah, I didn't think so! Anyways the reason I love this film so much isn't due to the fact Bradley Cooper is awesome as a total waste of space turned into a smooth slick smug rich guy, nor the fact De Niro looks like he finally cares about acting again, nor even how cool the story is.
No, its due to the film making. The film starts all grey and dreary and seems slow but the minute Eddie pops one of his special pills in, there's an explosion of colour, the whole screen brightens up as vivid colours fill the screen. the cuts become quick and sharp and some of the tracking shots are fantastic!

Ahem, anyways enough of me going all "film student" on you (which by the way I wasn't ever one, my college didn't do them so what did I do, "Theatre Studies", I thought it'd be the same, ermmm it wasn't, Chekhov isn't for me, neither is studying Stanislavsky's method, shit I forgot I was telling you something then...) this is one great piece of film making which pretty much got the director, Neil Burger (what an awesome name!!!), the Uncharted : Drake's Fortune gig. It might not seem much but if it stops Mark Wahlberg getting a job, I'm all for it!!

As always let's have a quick look at the trailer before we get down to the nitty gritty.....

So now it's time.

This is where I'm going to shock you though as I know you know what you think you know about what I know when it comes to marking this. I'm here to tell you though you don't know that I know that you know what you think you know what I know....ahem err.....


Hahahaha told you so didn't I!!! You well though I was going to be giving this 5 Winks, but as amazing as I find this film, it isn't up there in the classic section just yet, but in time no doubt when I come to re-evaluate my original scores it might just sneak in.

So there we have it, I think that is my first review in, what 2 months? Hope it was worth the wait for you guys and I need to apologise, god knows what I've done but it looks like everything has gone all double spaced on the page.....never mind.

Vader Out!!!


Well hello there Vaderino's.....You guys missed me?

Why, of course you have!!!! Got lots and lots to catch up with and something very special to finish up with today so let's get to it!!

New post coming up in T-Minus 10 mins and counting......