Wednesday, 25 May 2011

McDonalds Saves The Day....I Think?!?

Mac And Me

Wow, I'm back yet again, I must really be bored!! So here we go guys and gals, the final part of our little trip down memory lane. this was the 3rd DVD in that collection I was bought that was a bit of a rare one.

This one follows a young boy in a wheelchair who befriends a little alien (the Mac in question!) and follows them escaping from NASA agents whilst trying to reunite Mac with his family.

Well that doesn't sound like ET at all does it? Oh no, of course not, this is totally different. Why?

Because it is seriously shit!!!!!

If not due to the rehash of ET's story, not by a long shot. This is shit due to it being one long commercial!

I'm not kidding you know. Mac supposedly stands for "Mysterious Alien Creature", but it becomes rather obvious very quickly that it is actually standing for McDonalds! The only thing Mac will eat or drink is Skittles and Coke which leads us to the most obvious product placement of the whole film.

A 5 minute dance number involving Ronald McDonald himself whilst in a McDonalds restaurant!!! If that doesn't scream "EAT HERE" I don't know what else would.

There is a reason that this is classed as one of the worst films ever by almost anyone who has ever seen or reviewed it.

Do you know what makes this even more shameful? And I'm asking you this after you have just seen that trailer. They tried to claim that none of the product placement was intentional...errrrrrmmm ok yeah I believe you.

So there's only one score I could possibly give this film.


And a request that none of you actively go out searching to see this film, and for God's sake, do not buy it!

What I will give you though seen as you will never (I hope!) see this film, is the famous(!) dance scene I was telling you about.

Now go wash your eyes out and think about what you've just done you sick, sick human being.

Vader Out!

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