Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Oh No.....

Yes, I went all Black Ops on your sorry asses yet again!

I come back to have a quick look and to tell you something and it's happening again....

People are looking for Bart's dick!!!

What the hell was I thinking......You sick people, especially the gentleman in France from yesterday who felt it necessary to not only google it, but then proceeded to click back onto it a good 8 times!!

Annnnnnnnyways, It's that special time of year isn't it, and being a geek like myself it can only mean one thing.


Now if you've been around since the beginning you'll know I'm a big fan when it comes to this genre, hell I even gave you my list of the 10 greatest horror films way, way back (See Here!!)......So I'm thinking to celebrate our first Halloween together we're going to have......

Horror Night!!

Now, I don't know when I'll be posting it up as I do have a few little things to sort out with the other site I'm currently working on but I can guarantee (oooooh shit!) that it will be up in all it's blood soaked glory before the big day!

Anyways enjoy yourselves (not literally when it concerns you cartoon porn freaks! I can only imagine some of the depraved shit you people get up to.....poor, poor Lois Griffin) and keep checking back as I promise, my big celebrated return (ok maybe I'm the only one going on about it but still...) will be worth the 2 minutes of your life (this does include the cartoon freaks as it will probably last longer than the time you spend with the pictures)!!

Salutations Vaderino's

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