Saturday, 15 October 2011


Ok....Ok I know I know it's been ages since I last posted anything but I've been a little bit busy (Alright I forgot Ok?!?). I've been rather busy building another site to be used for a business venture, of which I'll show you soon.

The major thing is though....


So keep your eyes peeled for some new updates soon.

Oh and I do have to say unless anybody didn't know how Blogger works, I can see what brings the majority of you here (Thanks Yellowboard!) but honestly, the freak who's been searching for Bart Simpson porn and pictures of his dick....


QUICK UPDATE - Just totalled up the amount of searches for Bart this strange person you! Well I'm hoping it's just one person or else...well.......*SHUDDER*

Also I really want to thank you guys for continuing to visit the site, depending I've not put anything on since June time, I've somehow added another close on 2000 visitors from all over the world, I'm talking places like the USA, Germany, Australia, Estonia, Brazil, Mexico and such. I have no idea how you guys find me but carry on coming back!

That is all.....Vader Out

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