Saturday, 29 October 2011

What's This? What's This? There's A Post Over There.....

Well, well, well if it isn't me, doing exactly what I promised hey?

I do have to apologise now, yes I used a lyric from The Nightmare before Christmas there, but seen as it's a CHRISTMAS film and I'm not a fan, it's going to be the only mention of it in this wholeeeeeeeee article!

Right anyways, back onto what I said I'd do. I'm thinking maybe do things a bit differently and instead of full reviews or a full list (seen as I've done it before) I'm just going to go through my DVD collection instead and open you up to some awesome (and ok, some seriously shit) films.

The question is where do I start....

Ahh yes, let's take a trip back to 2002. I was 17 and pretty much failing at college, well ok I never turned up but come on. Ahem anyways.....So yeah a little film about a flesh eating "virus" attacking a group of "sexy" people in some redneck part of the US. 
I'm going to be totally honest with you right away though, seen as I'm good like that, I only wanted to see this because Rider Strong was starring in it. Anyone who knows him will be wondering why in the hell he would make me want to see it but what can I tell you, I was a massive Boy Meets World fan!!
 *cough* So yes Cabin Fever, directed by Eli Roth (his first movie) is a great little fun flick which does what you need to. It has the gore, it has the laughs, it has the country bumpkins, it has sex.....ermm actually it hasn't, I mean it could have led to that but....yeah see it and you'll know what I'm on about...Also ladies, just be careful when shaving your legs....if you know what I mean. Well your Venus razor will not work well if you're suffering from a particularly nasty strain of a flesh eating virus!
As for the sequel......just pretend there isn't one! If you get the chance though, please do pop this one in as I promise you, if you like your blood that extra shade of red, this is for you!!

Here's a trailer for you people to enjoy!

Ok, so next in the list, hmmm let me just lean over and look at the DVD's.....Ahh yes, why not...


Oh yes, now this is a real fun film! I mean come on guys, just look at the tagline, "Herbert West Has A Good Head On His Shoulders... And Another One On His Desk". Come on, how can you not tell me that it doesn't sound like good fun!

Actually based upon a H.P Lovecraft story, the film focuses on a pair of medical students, one who is rather normal with a girlfriend and one who is....well Herbert West. Good 'ol Herb likes messing about with dead tissue and well.....this leads to all manner of things. Dead cats coming back to life? Yep we've got that! Re-animated corpses baying for blood? Yeah, we've got that too. The severed re-animated head of a suspecting doctor performing oral sex? Ermm yeah we've got that one as well.

But don't let that put you off, this is a fun, gory film which spawned a few sequels and made a B-Movie star out of Jeffrey Combs, so trust me on this one, get a copy and get it watched!

Have a quick look at this then seen as I'm hoping you're still here!

Once I started writing this article I came to the conclusion that alot of the horror films in my collection are actually parts of a series of films so I'm going to dedicate a few articles over the next few days, detailing each film in the series and maybe a *GASP* short explanation on why I'm such a big fan! So promise me you're not going to be sat there reading this going "oh come on he's left out xxxxxx or yyyyyy", Well people, chances are what you're thinking about will be here soon! In fact let's make it a bit of a horror week....what ye s....oh wait....I can't actually hear you, funny that. Maybe one day they will invent some sort of programme which means we could speak over the intern..




So there it is, I'll call this one quits for now and get planning on the "collection" posts, we've got Saw, we've got A Nightmare On Elm Street, hell we've even got Friday The 13th!! Amongst those we'll also have a few surprises thrown in, that I can guarantee.

So sorry if this wasn't what you were expecting tonight but....well no excuse I just felt like it!

So keep tuning in over the rest of the weekend and the rest of the week and see what I can write for you Vaderites, I know you love it really...




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