Monday, 21 February 2011

The Fighter fighting the good fight??? Rocky did it better!!!!

So this past week, I watched The Fighter. I'm not sure what I was expecting if I'm totally honest with you. A Rocky Redux maybe?

Ok, it might not have the same emotional kick that you got the first time you sat through Rocky, you might not be able to connect with the character of Micky Ward, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least try to watch it.

Let me be straight with you though, see I know what you guys want don't I? The best thing about this and I mean THE BEST THING is yet again, Batman himself, Christian Bale. This guy is fast becoming our generations Robert De Niro (as long as he doesn't do anything like Meet The Parents or Rocky And Bullwinkle of course!). The guy totally embodies every character he plays. For this he plays Micky's half brother, Dicky Eklund, a former boxer living off the fame of one fight and a major smack addict! Of course nobody plays a troubled soul as well as Mr.Bale. The guy lost some serious weight to take this role and with that he took on Dicky's body and his nuances. The nervous twitches, the slight slurring of speech, all signs of a man on the top of his game and a serious (mind the pun kids!!) contender for the Oscar this year!!!!

The story follows Micky, a boxer who's more of a jobber, the guy promoters hire so they can give their fighter an easy win. It follows the tribulations of having someone you love ruin almost everything for you at every step, leaving that shadow and seeing what can happen when you work hard. Of course this is a true story so you know what's going to happen (well if you have any brains and decide to have a look at the background of Micky and Dicky), I won't say it's fun getting there with the brothers, more interesting if anything. If you want to watch one of the worlds best actors, doing what he does best whilst chewing every piece of scenery available to him, this is the film for you.

A quick look at the trailer and we'll get onto the return of everyones favourite part of the site......

So, Vader Wink time..... As I said earlier this isn't Rocky, and I feel some people might have trouble sitting through another boxing film based on a loser doing something with their lives. I will be honest with you guys as I always am, if it wasn't for Bale, I wouldn't have bothered with this, have a read on wikipedia and google about Micky Ward. But and this is a big but, if you want to give it a go, do it!!! I'm pretty sure you'll find something you'll enjoy. As for Vader Winks I'm sorry but this one only gets....

2.5 VADER WINKS!!!!!

Yet another downbeat review there, it's just a film I couldn't personally connect with very well, whether it's the pushing of it down my throat and people constantly telling me it's amazing, I'm not sure. All I know is that if I want to watch a film about a boxers redemption I'll watch Rocky and if I want to watch a sports film about climbing back to the top and doing something with yourself I'll sit through The Wrestler, now that is a great film.

Got something very special coming up next for you all, if you're based in the UK, you're gonna love it.....I mean we all love FREE things don't we?!??!?! 

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