Friday, 11 February 2011

Michael Cera.....A Legendary Geek? Nah, He's Just Francois....Or Scott......Or Evan.......

Last night after writing the Simpsons article, I put on a film I've never really been too bothered about seeing, Youth In Revolt......

I'll agree with you, poster doesn't do much for you no? Trust me, this isn't a bad little film, if anything it solidifies Michael Cera as the "King Of Geeks". I mean the guy plays them so well, in fact in almost every film he's been in, he is one. Could this be how he is in real life???

WAIT....If you want to find that out go onto one of those shitty gossip sites that delve into every little detail about someone's life, I'm betting they'll have what you're looking for!!

Back to why we're really here though, the film. It's a bit of a bonkers one if I'm totally honest with you all. Cera plays Nick Twisp, the perennial loser, Mum's shacked up with a total loser who hates your guts, Dad has a sexy little blonde on his arm and you're best friend is a total nutjob and a stalker to boot. After the family escapes to a trailer park for a few days, Nick falls in love with a girl who happens to be seeing someone already. Nick decides he must have this girl and decides that by being the bad guy, he'll get her, that's where Francois comes in, he's Nick's "bad side". Everything from there on in, is about the different things Nick (with a little help from Francois) will do to prove how much he needs this girl, or to sleep with her whatever!

Have a quick scan at the trailer see what you make of it.........

There is more to this post though other than the winks tonigh, as after watching the film, I realised that, of what I've seen of Cera, I'm quite a fan. He always plays that guy that you know at one point in your life, you have been.
Whether it's being madly in love with someone for years and feel now is the time to do something about it by trying to become the cool guy, or maybe battling some ex's or even getting someone pregnant when you're a little bit too young......ok maybe not the majority of readers but you get my drift!!! Let's have a delve into the archive (or my DVD collection ya know!) and see what we can come up with!

Ahh yes Superbad, the film that brought the guy to my attention. Well, not really, as McLovin and Seth Rogen walk away with this one. But you can't help but feel drawn towards Cera as Evan as we've all at one point in our lives been there. You'll do anything to impress the girl (or boy, cos ya see here at TVMF we're all about the equal opportunities!) of your dreams even trying to get booze when you're underage, or gatecrashing a party to steal theirs! Or maybe that was just me??

The more you watch this though, the more you noticed that Evan is the fabric keeping the friends together as they're all preparing to go to college. It's a cracking film that will have you laughing and cringing at in equal parts. Another positive apart from the one's already mentioned is Emma Stone.

Oh man, I love this girl! Not only is she stunning, she's seriously a funny actress. Check out Easy A if you get a chance!! And can I add she's also going to be in the new Spider-Man movie? I'm there!!!

A trailer? You're kidding right? It adds like 35 seconds onto my writing of these things!!! You'll what?? Hahahaha yeah right as if you'd do that to me!! I bet you don't......Hello? Hello?? Where'd you go??

Ahem......anyways the next film we'll take a quick look at is Juno.

What I will say about this one, is that I'm not a fan, not at all! I can't explain why, I'm just not! I don't find it funny in the slightest, I want to punch almost everyone involved with this one as they seriously get on my nerves!! I've tried watching this about 5 times and every time I fall asleep midway through, It's boring as sin!!! The saving grace? Yep you've got it Michael Cera!!! He brings across the awkwardness of someone who's just got somebody pregnant and isn't able to deal with the consequences pretty well. The rest of the film? I'm not even going to carry on speaking about it, here's your trailer though......

And I've gotta ask, how creepy are Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman in this? WEIRDOOOOOOOSSSSSSS

The last film we're going to look at is a new personal favourite of mine Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World...

Oh fuck, where the hell do I start with this?? It's the craziest, most bonkers film I've ever seen, I LOVE IT!!!!! Based upon a comic book (oh look here we go again!) it follows Scott Pilgrim, a bass guitarist in a band called "Sex Bob-omb" ( the first of countless computer game references you're gonna see in this one!), who whilst seeing a schoolgirl spots a mysterious girl called Ramona Flowers. In order to be with Ramona, Scott has to battle "The League Of Evil Exes", Ramona's seven ex boyfriends (ok well one is a woman, if ya get me drift haha), if he defeats them, he gets the girl. The only other thing is these battles happen when Scott isn't expecting them and whilst he's also dealing with getting his band through the battle of the bands competition they're currently in! The video game references are 10 to the penny in this one, even the beginning with the Universal logo gets all 8-bit on us! This is one truly brilliant film, that trust me on this will become a cult classic in years to come, just jump on the bandwagon ASAP!!!!!

Now this is my pleasure to bring you the trailer for this one, so no fighting!

I would say rush to Blockbuster to get your hands on this, but don't as it's a shit place to go! Don't even get me started on the dicks who work in my local one as they don't have a clue about anything at all in that place, so much so I'm actually writing an email to the HQ to moan about them as I'm writing this! But enough of my disgruntled customer experiences!  This is about the ultimate geek on the block so to Mr. Michael Cera, keep on being awkward and keep making me feel better about myself, it's what you're getting paid to do after all!

We salute you!

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