Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Well now......

Well what a shitty 5 minutes I've just had, in this space here, there would have been a rather lengthy article about how shit movies based on video games are.....but with blogspot being a big hairy piece of shit, with it's automatic save feature I lost everything!!! I wanted to delete one small line of text and lost over a weeks work with around 30 pictures and 12 videos and around 6000 words!!! It would have been, in my opinion, the best article I've wrote!! But because this is shite, chances are you won't ever be getting the article as of right now I can't honestly be arsed typing it all back up so bye bye to the video games!!!

In place will probably be another few reviews as they're quick to write and easy to do on the fly.

If you can't tell I'm seriously pissed off right now!! More the reason for me to step up the learning of DreamWeaver and get a PROPER website up and running for you, with polls, a forum, competitions and the such. Admittedly it might be a while until it's up and running but keep an eye out for the new and improved VADER MOVIE FILES.

Anyways I best get writing so you've all got some new material to read and debate over. One thing I will ask, yet again, is that if you read something and you agree or disagree, get commenting on it. I'm all for debating over movies (as a few people found out this past weekend), I give you my opinions for a reason, i know not everyone is going to agree and it's fun to argue over them!!

I want to make this an active community where you all get involved, tell me what you like, tell me what you hate, tell me I'm a douche and you don't agree, tell me I'm a legend and what I'm saying is right, honestly I want you too!!! Let's have some fun (even if I'm not right this second!!!) and make this a proper success!!

If we all want to see this site expand and spread we need everyone to be pulling together, so come on guys, get involved!!!!

Right now I'm going to go and have a little cry in the corner but then I'll come back bigger and stronger and even funnier!!!


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