Monday, 7 February 2011

A plea...Well a request....Ok, I'm telling YA!!!!!!

Afternoon Vaderites, so with the last post of Red Skull's reveal, I've had my biggest day so far!!! Thanks to everyone who's had a look today, especially you guys in the U.S, Canada and even Australia!!! God knows how we've had such a large reach in just over 14 hours but I thank you anyway!

What I am asking though, is that if you're going to view and like what you see, please vote for me in the blogger of the year awards, and leave me a comment, let me know what you like or don't!

Also and this is the final thing I'll be asking you for today, Spread the word!! Join the facebook page, request to be my friend on there, follow me on twitter, tattoo our address on your body....ANYTHING!!!

Everything you need is on the right hand side of the page so come on do your service, without sounding like a £20 hooker, but the more views we get, the more articles I can write!!

There is a few articles just being fine tuned ready to be posted including the second part of our look at crap comic book films and the promised failed comic book scripts one as well! Hopefully you guys will enjoy them as much as you have enjoyed our previous ones!!

Anyways have a great evening, in case I don't get back on to get them up and posted!

VADER OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.....*cough*.......TTTTTTTTT......*splutter*.......TTTTTTTTTT

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