Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ooooh What've I been Doing......

My my my, I have been a busy Vader!! For your perusal, A new design of sorts (new fonts etc), I've added an RSS feed so you can have every new post delivered to your browser, A twitter update thingy so it saves me time every time I write a new post, a donate button if you'd really like to give me 50p and the ultimate thing for the night.....


GASP.... I can hear you now but yes it's true, you can have a daily digest of all of our new posts delivered directly to your inbox....

Exciting no???

Anyways thought I'd share it with you guys, especially after our BEST day EVER!!!! over 100 individual hits in just under 24 which, I have to say, is pretty frickin' amazing!!! Thanks again people!!!

I will give you a quick update though, chances are tomorrow (or today if you want to be a funny guy seen as it's 1.30am here!!!) there won't be any posts, you never know I might sneak one in, but I've got a few emails to send out regarding the site and hosting services and I'm getting on to create a logo for us and possibly our own, sexy, header!!!!


Ahem, so yeah, apologies if your expecting something new tomorrow, but I'm hoping that within the next 48 hours we should have some new things for you to drool over and possibly this big news I'm waiting on.

Have a great day or days depending of when I'm next here for you all and keep on laughing at the drivle I'm posting, I know at least one of you are due to my first piece of fan mail....ooooh

Here's the addy if you're just toooooooooo lazy to scroll down to the bottom of the page


Look forward to speaking to you guys, as I promise I'll reply to anyone and everyone!!

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