Saturday, 3 March 2012

I'm Going To Make You An Offer That You Can't Refuse....

Ok, so I know already that line isn't even uttered in the film we're going to be talking about today, but my theory was it was better to use that than to make some sort of shit pizza joke, no?

I know you all love my jokes, it's why you keep coming back but even so, I do have some standards (you wouldn't think so but...)

Where was I? See this is what happens, one minute you're talking about making crap jokes, the next you don't have a clue what you're doing and I'm far too lazy to even look 3" up the screen to see what I'd just wrote, times they are a changing. Oh many song titles could I fit into one article?? Not doing it today as it would mean I have to think and I'm currently operating on about 3 hours of sleep which in turn makes it around 14 hours for the whole week (Damn you Oscars, damn you to hell!!!)

Damn!! I've gone and done it again, right let's start shall we???


The reason for talking about such a classic film is.....well I watched it the other night and I didn't rightly know what else to talk about today, yeah it is one of those days!!!!

So let's talk about the story. We follow Ray Liotta (surprisingly he is the main character in this but looking at that poster you wouldn't think so would you?? Mind you, when you've got a legend like DeNiro in your film, you show that off, don't you?) who plays Henry Hill. Starting from when Hill is just a youngster, we follow him throughout his life, coming across various people and mobsters and joining the "gang" as such. This is where DeNiro and Pesci come in as Pesci plays Hill's best friend of sorts, Tommy DeVito. Jimmy Conway (DeNiro) finishes off our little ménage à trois as the trio of friends work hard to rise through the hierarchy of the mob. Tommy and Jimmy soon get ideas above their station and it's up to Henry to decide as to whether it's worth helping himself and his family or to keep his mouth shut for the sake of his friends and his life.

Of course there's a lot more going on as the film is just under 2 and a half hours long but I can promise you it's worth investing yourself fully. I will just add the film is directed by the legend, the master, my all time favourite director Martin Scorsese .

Want proof as to why he's just an amazing director?? Watch this bad boy....

 See what I mean?? Genius!!!

The most amazing thing about the whole film is when you find out it's actually based on a real story and Henry Hill is genuinely actually in Witness Protection in the States, although he does occasionally pop his head above the parapet.

Here we go as normal....a trailer just for you, not you though. I'm not sure I like you, but you other people, enjoy!


How amazing does it honestly look? See I know that's what you'd like, I know you people, well not really. I know the few people who I actually really know who read this, then there's the few I've spoke to but apart from that I don't actually know any of you. Talk about making things a little bit awkward between us......I still like you though. Well obviously apart from the one person I told earlier but even so we can still be friends....

My God, shh man just get onto rating the fucking film!!!

Yes, it's why you're here really. So Goodfellas I pronounce you the proud owner of


and instant


Well this was like drawing blood from a stone!!! Whether I keep posting on here now remains to be seen as I'm having so many problems using Blogger, it's officially becoming a piece of shit so I guess I'll be looking at some alternatives in the near future. I may, just may post up another piece today as I have nothing else to do.

Not that it means anything against you people as come on, you're my Vaderinos guys!!!! It's just, this time last year I was turning out articles left, right and centre and it was taking me about 10-20 minutes to get them up onto the site as it was that easy. Now with Blogger, well this is a short one let's be honest and it's taken me 45 minutes to write and arrange the poster and 2 videos as it was being fucking ridiculous!! But enough of me ranting and raving as it means nothing, keep your eyes peeled though people.

As always, love yourself and one anot....Ahhh fuck it, go out, get smashed and have a great night!


PS. I did mention the shit pizza joke so here it is.....

Told you it was shit!!!! So's the pizza though....oooh sick burn!

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