Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What Would Happen If I Said This....

Well helloooooooo there people!!!

Now, if you just take a quick glance to the right of this


Wahey well done there guys, you'll notice I have a twitter feed (Tweet Tweet), so I don't really use it and have like 11 followers (maybe if some of you followed me I might start tweeting but until then, screw you haha) but if you look at the top tweet I mention a film. Well guess what??

You've got it....


(Shit!!! I've just realised if I start tweeting again, then this post is going to become a little bit stupid!!)
No, I'm not talking about the little town in South Wales but a rather cool little horror film.

"Oh fuck, not more horror"....Ermm yep, sorry. Come on though have I ever really let you down? Nope didn't think so!!

Based on a book by Tony Burgess called "Pontypool Changes Everything", it's about a former shock jockey (me either), Grant Mazzy as he is trying to deal with the monotony of a boring breakfast show talking about local theatre groups and traffic reports in a quiet Canadian town.

Things soon change when the "eye in the sky" traffic reporter gets in contact with the station to let them know that something major is going down and many people are being killed. This piques Grant's interest no end much to the irk of his producer. As Grant continues to tell his listeners about what's going on as well as the team in the station trying to confirm these reports, the traffic reporter gets back in contact to let them know that the son of a well known resident is mumbling to himself and seems "infected".

The call is cut off by a transmission in French, instructing anybody to stay in doors and to refrain from any terms of endearment, phrases that conflict and basically the English language and that Pontypool is under quarantine.

What follows is a very clever (sometimes a little confusing if you're not paying attention!) little horror film which will have you talking about it for a time afterwards.

Check the trailer...

Now the question is, are they zombies? Have they had their brain's "reset" (a lá Stephen King's Cell)?

I can tell you now, it's not really explored which could be a bit of a minus point, but there is enough going on in the film to keep you thinking. I will also point out that it isn't really gory either which can sometimes make a refreshing change as I like to think that sometimes that is a bit more shocking than seeing someone's intestines being used to string a guitar you know?

So wink time...

I'm going to award Pontypool.....


As I said, it's a good little film, not amazing as there are better horror films out there for you to digest but if you fancy seeing something that makes you think as well as give you a few little shocks then this is for you.

So there's a bit of a break from the long articles you've had lately Vaderino's, a nice basic review!!

Until next time......

Vader Out!

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