Thursday, 13 January 2011

"I've seen it, It's Alive, IT'S HUGE"

What a way to start our online life together with a film that everyone knows so much about, yet know nothing!

It all started in July 2007 with a rather, I'll say it, sexual little teaser attached to a little movie called "Transformers". The visual imprint it left in your mind was astounding. No matter what I say nothing can beat watching it so here it is...

"WOW OHMYEFFINGGOD" I can hear you say from here....amazing huh? Well that's all they gave us at the time nothing but the Statue Of Liberty's head on a street, a few explosions and a date 01-18-08 (that's 18th January 2008 to us brits), not really much is it? Ahh but that's where the online community comes into play isn't it? Some bright spark thought about typing in the date whilst adding a good old .com and VOILA we had the first piece of our collective puzzle. Yep at the time it was just a picture but it started something off, something pretty amazing when you think there was probably 10's of 1000's of people coming together to solve this new "game" of sorts. New pictures, fake websites linked into the film, audio clips they came at us thick and fast over the proceeding 6 months or so giving people who were bothered to take part, another insight into the film's back story (well not much is actually explained in the film!).

Well after we finally saw the film more things started to happen, secret audio at the end of the credits, little visual things etc etc etc!! We all have an idea as to what "Clovie" is and where he/she came from but this was thought up in the brain of J.J Abrams for christ's sake, we'll probably never find out, and do you know what I like it like that. Too many things are ruined with us these days with the internet and the such, hence why I'm not even going to give you a rough outline of what this film is about, rent it, buy it do what you need to do but if you want to hark back to the good ol' days of monster movies and B-Movies this is for you.

I'll be honest, I was toying with an idea of a scoring system for the films I "review"(well I wouldn't say I'm reviewing just giving you my thoughts on them,whether I think they're any good, why I do.....oh shit I AM reviewing bad), but I'll be honest I'm new to the whole website thingy so wouldn't have a clue how to give you a decent animated review system so I'll leave you with this....

5 Vader Winks!!!

(5 being the best obviously.....)

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