Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Question of a Trilogy

So, I'm sat here watching the end of Back To The Future 3 and I started pondering about the real "good" trilogies of the world and I started to make a mental list. The usual one's came straight to mind your Godfathers etc. But what about the bad ones? You know the real stinking ones, not just maybe part 2 but I'm talking all 3. Now that's just a little bit harder!

Recent history suggests that Spiderman falls into that category after the abomination Sam Raimi served up with Spiderman 3 and his "Venom"
But how the hell can we ever forget Spiderman 1 + 2?? That's where Sam showed us the Spiderman we've been yearning for years to see up on the big screen and what do they do? Reboot the fucking thing with Andrew Garfield in Parker's cheap shoes! Ok Ok yes the first official picture came out today and apart from the man looking like he's dressed in latex (Spiderman : Revenge of the Sinister Six (Inch Dildo) anyone?) and a pretty wonky spider on his chest it looks pretty cool.

AHHH but I hear you say, "What about Indiana Jones?". Ok so the trilogy is fantastic but are we forgetting about Indy and something about crystal skulls? Yep kids that makes it a quadrilogy so nope not counted!

What about Jackass? Yep after last years Jackass 3D we got a trilogy out of those mad yank bastards (I'll admit it, I'm a fan of Knoxville!). But could we ever be able to use Jackass in anything other than an example of a "bad" trilogy as let's be honest it has a certain fanbase.
Naked guys puking on each other anyone?!!?

If anyone can think of a truly "great" trilogy let me know as I aint found one yet without at least one flaw!!!

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