Sunday, 16 January 2011

Soooooooooo an update.......

Ok,Ok,Ok I know, yesterday there wasn't a single update nor been any so far today but that's because I have news....

Well not really news what can I say? I've been thinking about where I can go with this blog and how ambitious I can get so here goes.

I know I'll never make any money from this sort of thing, I mean this is just fun for me, a place where I can express my opinions on the one thing I love, Film. I'm not looking to be the next Harry Knowles from AICN, nor one of the experts at ComingSoon, far from it, I'm just me, Mr.Vader! I'm not in "the know", nor do I claim to be (like some we read online!). I just like to share how I feel about the medium of films and I hope so far in our short life of 4 days, that the 88 people who've viewed (so far) what I write have enjoyed themselves. I really don't know how, but I've even had quite a few views from the USA and you honestly can't understand how proud this makes me that my little blog has somehow reached the mecca of movieland!

My aim when I started this was to bring a funny look at films that I love and hate and to try my hand at creating a website, to learn how to code with HTML and in all have a laugh and so far I'm loving it and I hope you all are too.

So onto my plans.......

The first part of my plan is to increase the traffic on here as best I can, I've set up a Twitter and Facebook page which is working so far but I need more people to get on there with me and to spread the word. A plan is in action for this which I'll be setting up in the next few hours, if anyone already following me would like to help please do.

The next part will be looking into contacting a few of the popular sites and asking for ideas and the such, by all means I'm not expecting any help but hopefully they will realise that I'm not in competition with them, far from it, I just would like any feedback on layout, setting up and my writing style. Before anyone asks, I'm not trained in writing nor studied journalism, I'm just looking to have fun.

Following on from there I'm researching the possibilities of starting a podcast and/or maybe a series of videos of me talking about the films I love and hate, maybe getting some special guests in (ok my friends but you get the idea!!)

The final part of my masterplan is to then set up a site with an actual domain, a little piece of the internet I could call my own! As you may or may not have noticed, unlike a lot of the blogs on blogspot, I don't have a single advert as I know hardly anyone ever clicks on them also the fact that as I stated earlier I'm not in this for the money (I mean if any comes along...great haha!, I'm using this as a means to learn and to help me unwind. I do have a real job and a real life but this is my way to get my views across, unlike on a message board where what I may write may just disappear into the dark, murky depths of internet hell!

I've just wrote my first article of hopefully many over at RetroJunk, which I'm hoping can gain me some visitors and some advice on my writing style. I'm always looking to learn as I don't think you can just settle at one thing.
I'm an easy going guy so any advice or criticism is greatly welcomed and I genuinely mean it!! I also hope that you all continue to enjoy my views and carry on visiting me here at The Vader Movie Files!

What I will add is that I'm looking to venture into doing the same thing but for Music and Video Games if my time allows it of course.

I'm also looking if anyone believes they can step up to the plate, to maybe send a few contributions to me and see what we could possibly do? email address is at the bottom of the page under "Contact Us" Or if you have any ideas for my reviews or opinions on one of your favourite films give me a shout!

Onto the good stuff though......

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