Friday, 14 January 2011

"Like warm apple pie"......

Now I know I'm dealing with another old 'un here but stick with me here ok? In the 80's there was a huge amount of teenage sex comedies that unluckily for me I wasn't old enough to see, so when we finally got "The Porkies of our generation", it would have been rude not to see it no?

Ok so first I apologise for the shitty quality of this trailer, there are better ones on there if you have a look round I promise!
Anyways let's get down to the nitty gritty. 1999 when this hit our screens I was only 14 so had to do my best to seem older to get in, growing a moustache was out of the question as it's something I couldn't do then let alone now either it grows in all redneck style and........going off on a slight tangent then! Me and a few mates decided this was OUR film and after the euphoria of tricking the box office cashier (who did turn into a very good mate) we took our seats on a Saturday night surrounded by 18-20 year olds and couples and settled in for what we could see as the greatest 95 mins of our lives!

And we weren't far wrong, we laughed, we cried and cringed at the exploits of Jim and his friends in their quest to lose their virginities by prom night. The lengths these boys went too inspired us to try the same (it didn't work, we don't have prom nights here in the UK!!) Although, I'll never ever look at a apple pie the same again!!

Of course 2 years later I waited with baited breath as my slow 0.00002mb dial up internet took like 6 hours to download the brand new spanking American Pie 2 trailer!! It then in a flash my net went down and I had to start again.....

Finally 4 days later I got to see the trailer and wow I was blown away again, it looked naughtier, funnier and Jim's Dad (Eugene Levy) seemed to have an even bigger part which excited me no end. I mean come on, we've all known a dad like him but we're all ashamed to admit it when it turns out to be our own father.

Over the years we've been graced with a total of 7 American Pie movies, I mean some are better than others (the original 3 and Beta House for instance) but I can promise you put them in your DVD players and be prepared to have a right good old laugh.

Now I know this is most definitely your collective favourite part of out tour de film, Winking time!!!!

so here we go guys......


There that makes you feel miles better doesn't it...almost like warm apple pie does.

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