Friday, 14 January 2011

"Wax On, Wax Off", Oh Mr.Miyagi you were a wise old fool!

So last week, I bit the proverbial bullet and rented The Karate Kid (2010). I'll admit it now I wasn't expecting anything from this because...

A. It has Will Smith's lad in it.
B. It's set in Japan.
C. It "stars" Jackie Chan.

As we can observe the trailer didn't exactly whet my appetite either

Yes I know the take on the fly with chopsticks bit at the end is funny but come on, HE AINT NO PAT MORITA!!!!!

But guess what fans, The Vader Movie Files can admit when they are wrong and boy were we wrong!! It's funny, heart felt and boy can it be brutal!!

I mean it's pretty much the same as the original with a bit of KK2 thrown in for good measure (well they are both set in Japan so HA!), yes my title is misleading as there's no Wax On, Wax Off but a "pick up jacket, put on jacket" moment which works in exactly the same way! Jaden Smith does fantastic in his role of Dre Parker does a fine job of showing enough emotion to make you feel for him with his new life but is still bad ass enough to show you wouldn't mess with him...EVER! Jackie can be a bit hit and miss in this as he plays, well a bumbling idiot for most of it ( i think he's trying to show an emotional side if i'm honest but we don't pay to see him act, to kick arse!) but when he gets to do his stuff....WOW!!

Without giving too much away make sure you check out the alternate ending because there Jackie does do what he does best!!!

All in all it's our favourite time again, IT'SSSSSSS WINKING TIMEEEEEE!

So for me to summarise not a bad little film at all guys If you like to sit back switch off and watch something that doesn't cause you to think much this is the film for you, a "Sunday night watch" shall we say so....

3.5 VADER WINKS.....well 3 WINK and half a SQUINT but it works all the same!!

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