Thursday, 13 January 2011

SHOCK!!! 127 Hours only takes a Hour and A Half!!!!

So last Wednesday I dragged my beautiful lady with me to the cinema to see Danny Boyle's latest masterpiece, 127 Hours. I'll be honest fans she didn't want to see it (Orange Wednesday I worship at your altar!!) but nether the less it didn't cost her a penny so off we went. The next 93 mins whizzed by in a flash of blood, piss and rock!
As always I know you guys (ok the 2 of you who read this so far, me being one of them!) love having a trailer to see so here it is.....

So what's it about....Well it's about a guy named Aron Ralston who's a climber and canyoneer who goes off into the mountains of Utah without telling anybody where he is going and guess what? Yep, you got it, he comes into a little bit of trouble by falling and getting his right arm trapped by a boulder!! The rest of the film is about Aron recounting his life, his loves and his inability to connect with his family in his adult years all whilst trying to find a way out of his predicament as his water and food are running out.

Yes I know sounds like it could be a bit boring, but the fact it's based on a true story and has a true master of his craft Danny Boyle at the helm, easily makes this one of the best films I have ever seen and trust me I've seen quite a few!! James Franco is fantastic in the role of Aron as he can easily be someone you want to punch within an inch of their lives before you come to feel sorry for him and you're wishing for him to do the unthinkable and get out (I mean come on Ralston wrote a book on his experience so you know he gets out!!!). Maybe this isn't your cup of tea (some reports of people fainting at screening once Aron does what he has to do with the help of a blunt penknife...), but the shot of Aron stuck with the camera travelling upwards away from him, out of the canyon, above the plains and showing the full extremity of what Aron has got himself into is worth the admission price alone, TRUST ME!!!

All in all it's everyone's favourite time of the post, the Vader Winks and let's be honest I've already called this one of the greatest films I've ever seen so why bother? Because you love it, that's why so here we go drumroll please.....


And I'll admit it, my eyes filled up towards the end!!!

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